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Welcome to this website!

There are so many news being revealed every day that it's hard to keep up to date with the new technologies and improvements this big German Manufacturer adds to their vehicles. Here we try our best to collect them to help you find all you need in the same place, organised in a simple and intuitive way so it's easy to explore the site.

Below you can find a few examples of what you'll find in here, but the only way to know if we have what you're looking for is search through the pages and get reading!

Bmw 1 Series Convertible: Solidly Planted For Better Performance

Sometimes when a car is designed for left hand drive and then converted to right hand drive it becomes unpleasant to drive because of a shifted pedals or steering position. It is not the case of the 1 Series Convertible though, which does a great job at making everyone in its cabin comfortable.

The New MINI Clubman Bond Street

Recently launched at the 2013 Geneva car expo, the MINI Clubman Bond Street is the latest in a series of limited edition versions of the MINI. The BMW owned brand is looking to reinforce its classic status with the Clubman, an estate version of the compact city car that offers power and performance through petrol and diesel engines, as well as Champagne colour schemes, and the option to load up and customise your car with different accessories from the MINI store.